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             WILD RATING -

What do you get when you take fat adult men, stick them in heavy electrified cars, place the cars on a surface that is slick as snot, and ask said men to run into each other at full speed?  Why you get Oaks Park's Skooters of course.  And boy are they good.  There are plenty of parks with bumper cars, but only a few that can call theirs the best ride in the park.  Oaks' Skooters are just that.
Many are the times when a poor wayward driver is sent hurling into the wall surrounding the ride.  In fact, if you hit someone just right, they're likely to spin a complete circle and end up facing the same way they started.  It's not rare to see them stop the ride to remove a crying little girl (no thanks to Mark & Scott).  Whenever we visit the park, I end up praying for rain.  What better excuse to spend 4 straight hours driving around in circles in funny looking little cars.  Simply put, Oaks' Skooters are the best bumper cars in the world.