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LOOPING THUNDER        Wild Rating --

  The first thing we saw upon entering the parking lot was the Looping Thunder coaster.  It isn't much to look at.   Built by the Italian company Pinfari, it covers a very small area and isn't very tall.  The loop itself is barely 20 ft high.  After purchasing our All-You-Can-Ride bracelets for $12.95, we headed immediately to the coaster.  The ride begins with a climb up the lift hill.  It rounds a corner and approaches the first drop.  I wasn't expecting much, but the drop caught me by surprise.  It drops very steeply right underneath another section of the track, creating a great headchopper, and pops right back up the other side.  From there, the train goes down a twisting drop and into the vertical loop.


oakslt2.jpg (44052 bytes)

  After the loop the ride is no more than a couple of helixes and a couple small hills.  Looping Thunder is a short coaster, a little bit rough; but by being the only looping coaster in the state, it gets the job done.