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In 2005, Oaks Park celebrated its 100th anniversary.  To commemorate the event, the turned their Haunted Mine ride into the Lewis & Clark Big Adventure.  The ride takes you along with Lewis and Clark on their trip across America.

Along the way you see the duo sitting around the fire, go right through a waterfall, and past a dancing bear.

The ride is great until the end.   All of a sudden you travel past an astronaut and there are a bunch of signs asking what "Your Big Adventure" will be.  The point of course is that you can do anything you put your mind too.  However, the last section of the ride is basically a waste of space inside the building.  Still, the ride is a fun little dark ride and is a big improvement from the old Haunted Mine.  (Right and below are pictures of the Haunted Mine.  R.I.P.)