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Oaks Park               

SE Spokane St        

Portland, OR 97202

(503) 233-5777

Oaks Park is a great little traditional park located just south of Portland, Oregon.  It is known mainly for its roller skating rink, the largest wooden floored rink in the Northwest.  It is also the only skating rink in the US that still uses a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.  The park has a few newer rides, and a number of classics:  Skooters, Rock-O-Plane, and the beautiful Spillman carousel to name a few.  The park is also home to a large grove of oak trees filled with picnic tables for the family get together.  Click on the logo above to visit the parks official website.


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This ride is called Up, Up, and Away.  The whole tower turns and you can spin the individual balloons like a teacup ride.  The tower is about 30 feet tall and provides a nice view of the rest of the park (if you can get everyone else to stop spinning the balloon that is).

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Big Pink is a big pink, 3-lane racing slide.  Clay and Cassa really enjoyed it, but I gotta say Clay shouldn't have been elbowing her the whole way down.

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The Carousel at Oaks Park is a gorgeous old Spillman.  It has a good variety of animals including a rare kangaroo.  The entire ride was refurbished about 10 years ago and is still in great condition. carousel1.jpg (50461 bytes)
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Above:  Ferris Wheel, Right:   Frog Hopper

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Micah checks himself out in one of the funhouse mirrors located in the kiddie rides area.

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Here's Owen riding the motorcycle ride.  There are quite a few kiddie rides at Oaks including these motorcycles, a car ride, frog hopper, teacups, and several others.

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Rock N Roll is one of the newer spinning rides at Oaks.  They have all the classics like the Scrambler, Rock-O-Plane, and Tilt-A-Whirl.  In addition there are several newer ones like the Rock N Roll and the Scream N' Eagle below.  This ride is intense! rocknroll.jpg (38584 bytes)
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The park's kiddie coaster is called Zooom!  It is a very rough and tumble kiddie coaster and a lot of younger kids won't like it.

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